10 Things To Do On Road Trips

things to do on road trips
Are you a road-trip family? Our family takes road trips fairly frequently, if not at least yearly. With a 12 ½ year old girl and 7 ½ year old boy it takes some serious creativity to make our long… LONG road trips tolerable (by long I mean our most recent road trip was actually TWO trips. One to Idaho which is typically a 12 hour drive – turned into a 17 hour drive due to a massive crash, and another the next day which is typically a 9 hour drive – turned into a 12 hour drive due to several more massive crashes). I’ve experimented with different ideas. Some have won, some haven’t. So for your travel pleasure I have consulted with the experts (read: one daughter and one son) to bring you our kids’ favorite things to do on road trips.

I spent a couple of weeks prior to vacation researching ideas for the kids on Pinterest hoping to find things fun things to keep them off their ipods and iphones and get their little brains working and excited. You know, maybe get them to look out the window, interact with each other (and us) and maybe learn a little bit too. Continue reading “10 Things To Do On Road Trips”

Things To Know Before Moving To California

things to know before moving to california
After spending 16 long years in Seattle where I was raised I decided it was high-time I moved to someplace warmer. I was born in San Francisco, and my family traveled to visit family there often. I had heard stories of San Diego weather being 80 degrees year-round. This sounded like my kind of place, so in October 2002 I packed my small amount of things and hit the road to stay with my Aunt in Riverside County. My first 3 months in Southern California left me thinking there must be other naive Northern-states people planning their big move to Southern California who have no idea what to really expect!! So I thought it was important to be one to step up and give it to you straight because there’s definitely a few things to know before moving to California. Continue reading “Things To Know Before Moving To California”

You Know You’re From California When…

you know you're from california when

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live in California? In my “day job” I regularly talk to people all over the country on an almost daily basis, and more often than not they’re not from the state of California. It seems I almost always get the same comments from everyone “Must be nice!”. It makes me wonder what people really think living in California is like? I thought the best way to go about giving all Non-Californian’s insight about what life is really like living in California would be to review some responses that Californian’s would use to finish the statement: You know you’re from California when… Continue reading “You Know You’re From California When…”

Driving a Truck vs. Financing a Degree

driving a truck vs financing a degree

This is a follow-up post to an ‘epic’ blog post that I contributed to over at the Don’t Quit Your Day Job blog. If you haven’t read it yet, check out “Should You Get a Degree or Drive a Truck?” In this post, I created a hypothetical example where I prove that driving a truck actually beats out financing a degree in the long run! And not by just a little – by nearly $1 million!
Continue reading “Driving a Truck vs. Financing a Degree”