You Know You’re From California When…

you know you're from california when

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live in California? In my “day job” I regularly talk to people all over the country on an almost daily basis, and more often than not they’re not from the state of California. It seems I almost always get the same comments from everyone “Must be nice!”. It makes me wonder what people really think living in California is like? I thought the best way to go about giving all Non-Californian’s insight about what life is really like living in California would be to review some responses that Californian’s would use to finish the statement: You know you’re from California when… Continue reading “You Know You’re From California When…”

Driving a Truck vs. Financing a Degree

driving a truck vs financing a degree

This is a follow-up post to an ‘epic’ blog post that I contributed to over at the Don’t Quit Your Day Job blog. If you haven’t read it yet, check out “Should You Get a Degree or Drive a Truck?” In this post, I created a hypothetical example where I prove that driving a truck actually beats out financing a degree in the long run! And not by just a little – by nearly $1 million!
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