Fidget Popper Mania! (aka Sensory Toys for Stress Relief)

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It’s the darndest thing – the things that become ‘the thing’ for kids year after year. It seems this is the year of fidget popper. How do I know? Well, for one – I have a daughter who just started 3rd grade. I also just checked the New Releases section on Amazon and found several variations of fidget poppers that just became available.

The whole thing makes sense too – now that I think about it. At first, one would wonder why SO many kids think they need stress relief toys. But it’s entirely plausible that kids have flocked to this new version of stress relief toys given the stress that has been forced upon them with completely useless and unnecessary school mask mandates for children.

We, adults, have enough stress of our own to deal with when it comes to the Covid BS. Luckily, we are able to turn to alcohol or marijuana (in states where it is legal) or other unhealthy habits in order to cope. But kids… well, they don’t get those privileges until later in life. So they need something to help them deal with the stress and anxiety.

Introducing Fidget Poppers!

Think of these as re-usable bubble wrap – but without the loud popping noise. They come in SO many varieties of shapes and colors – from basic shapes and solid colors to shapes of anything imaginable and in many or all colors of the rainbow! Here is one of the more popular sets on Amazon…

Here are some more, just to give you an idea of what’s available…

Fidget-POP-Toys-Llama Silicone Bubble Sensory, Alpaca Stress Anxiety Restless Reliever Decompression Squeeze Toy for Stressed, Fidgety and Autism, ASD, Autistic, ADHD Fidget 2 Pack for Girls

IDJWVU Pop Fidget Toy Pack,Push Bubble Popping Sensory Toy Set,Simple Pop on Its Dimple Autism Stress Anxiety Relief Squeeze Bundle Toy for Kid Adult(Rainbow Ice Cream+Popsicle +Pineapple)

ZNNCO 3PCS Silicone Tie-dye Push pop Bubble Fidget Toy, Autism Special Needs Stress Reliever, Squeeze Sensory Tools to Relieve Emotional Stress for Kids (Square)

AKUDY Push Pop Bubble Fidget Toy, Sensory Fidget Toys for Kids Adults, One Side Louder Push Bubbles Pop, Fidget Popper Stress Reliever Toys-Chips and Burgers

HooYiiok Push Pop Bubble Sensory Fidget Toy, Stress Reliever Gamepad Push Pop Fidget Toy That Suitable for ADHD and Anxiety, Simple Dimple Fidget Popper Gift for Kids (red Black Blue)


Fidget Poppers are all the rage right now!

Kids trade these things much the same as they did with pogs in the 90’s, or garbage pail kids in the 80’s, or baseball cards for generation after generation. When my daughter plays with her friends – they all bring their fidget popper collections and trade amongst themselves. It’s the craziest thing!

Want to be the coolest adult in a child’s life in 2021 or maybe even 2022…? You better get yourself some fidget poppers to give away. These things are being sold everywhere now! Most gas stations or convenience stores now have them near the cash register. A new kiosk in the mall nearest our home has recently opened up to sell these fidget poppers. The craze is real – fidget popper mania is here!

One easy way to get a bunch of these to have on hand is to simply buy a set from Amazon. You’ll have all kinds of fidget toys to give away. And let’s be real… you know you’ll play with them too. Why wouldn’t you? Maybe it will help you kick that unhealthy habit like drug or alcohol addiction. Lol. Here’s a nice set on Amazon to get you started…