Best Foosball Table (Based on Sales and Ratings)

best foosball table

Remember when Chandler sent Joey (we’re talking the sitcom “Friends”, of course!) to buy a new kitchen table, but instead he came home with a Foosball table? Or in “Community” when the students need to beat the big bad German Foosball team in an all-night challenge? Foosball is a part of American culture and continues to have its place in today’s gaming scene.

A two-player version of soccer that is played on top of a table, Foosball (sometimes spelled “fuzboll”) involves miniature figures on rods that “kick” at a ball trying to get it toward the opponent’s goal. The foosball game we know of today was invented in the UK in the early 1920s, but really didn’t come into true popularity in the United States until the 1960s. Continue reading “Best Foosball Table (Based on Sales and Ratings)”

[Infographic] 42 Highest Paying Work From Home Jobs

Working from home is becoming more and more commonplace in today’s age. It’s not surprising that these top 42 work from home jobs have such great pay packages. Included in the following infographic:

  • 42 Highest Paying Work from Home Jobs
    • Phenomenal Growth of Work from Home Jobs
    • List of Top Paying Work from Home Jobs
  • Top Companies/Organization that Offer Jobs/ Where to Look for Jobs
    • A Couple of Sites to Look for Remote Jobs
    • Telecommute-friendly Firms
    • Tips for Landing a Well-paying Work from Home Job

Continue reading “[Infographic] 42 Highest Paying Work From Home Jobs”

Massage Chairs: Three Reasons It’s Smart to Have One

massage chairs - three reasons smart to have one

Beginning back in the 1980s, robotic massage chairs started to appear at technology fairs and other places that simply weren’t affordable for the average person. A few years later you might have gone into the expensive gadget store at the mall (Sharper Image, anyone?) who carried them, only to test them out—but never with the intention of buying one of your own!

However, in the past 30 years as the technology for massage chairs has increased, the price has actually decreased, making it possible for the general public to own a therapeutic massage chair. In my opinion, it only makes sense to consider the purchase of a massage chair due to their therapeutic benefits and increased quality of life.

Massage chairs are now much more “Advanced” in their therapeutic options, much more “Available”, and even more “Affordable” than they ever were before! Continue reading “Massage Chairs: Three Reasons It’s Smart to Have One”

Jehovah’s Witness Rules

jehovah's witness rules
So you wanna see if you can solve the mystery of Jehovah’s Witnesses huh? Who are they? What do they believe… all that jazz… What are their rules? Well… sorry folks, only answering one of those things today. And I’m not even sure what you’re about to get is an answer. ← How ya like THAT mystery? Continue reading “Jehovah’s Witness Rules”

The ‘Stranger Things’ Series on Netflix – Discussion and Review

stranger things series on netflix
Ok, so you’re reading this, so you clearly don’t live under a rock. And you’re reading this, so you OBVIOUSLY cannot get enough of the Stranger Things series on Netflix! Well, my friend, you’re in good company! Neither could I! Now, if you’re someone who is reading this just to see what the hype is all about; Quit reading right now.

No, seriously. Just… just go. Don’t listen to anything anyone has to say, go watch it, and form your own opinion THEN you can come back and read this. Don’t have Netflix? That’s fine… but I’m sure you know someone who does. Bring them a pack of Tab and (some sort of 80’s candy) and get it watched RIGHT THIS MINUTE. Once you’ve accomplished this binge watch session, return and report. Continue reading “The ‘Stranger Things’ Series on Netflix – Discussion and Review”

Being A Short Girl Isn’t All That Bad

being a short girl
I’m 4’ 11”. I’ve been 4’ 11” since about fourth or fifth grade. I thought, at one point, that I was 4’ 11” and 3/4. In fact, one time a doctor even told me I should just go ahead and say that I’m 5 feet tall since I was just about there. Or maybe I was dreaming that…? In a nutshell, I’m short. Really short, obviously.

Not that I mind, I mean I can still go on all the rides at amusement parks and wear heels and for the most part buy clothes from regular stores (with a little hemming action done by your’s truly at home). There are some perks to being short, and also some pitfalls. But being short is all I’ve ever known, obviously. So I guess I’ll focus on the positives and stick with that! All-in-all, being a short girl really isn’t that bad. Continue reading “Being A Short Girl Isn’t All That Bad”

Spanish Immersion Programs For Adults

spanish immersion programs for adults se habla
One day, long, long…. LONG long ago, I attended my first day of school in a Spanish Immersion program. I was enrolled in this program from 1st grade until 7th grade, when I finally switched to regular English classes. Now, some years later (now that I’m old and wrinkly, I’ve come to appreciate the whole “a lady never tells her age” thing) I wonder if there is some sort of Spanish Immersion program for adults offered anywhere.

Wondering why? Why would I wonder about an adult Immersion program if I attended the program for so long? Should I be fluent (granted the fact that you don’t know my age… but I’m sure you’re looking at my photo thinking, eh… she doesn’t look THAT old… listen, I’m old enough! Alright?! Just trust me) Well, let me explain! Shall we go back to the beginning? Yes, I think we shall. Waaaaaaay back… Continue reading “Spanish Immersion Programs For Adults”

Why Olympic Silver Is Better Than Gold

why olympic silver is better than gold
I originally wrote this article and posted it on a bad blog during the winter olympics of 2010. The content still totally makes sense and is relevant to the current summer olympics of 2016. So, I made some slight edits and I’m re-posting it now on Rambling Fever. Enjoy!

There are various reasons that winning a silver medal in the olympics is better than winning gold. For starters – and this is just a matter of opinion – the silver medal just looks better. Gold is out as far as jewelry goes and silver is in. White gold is a popular choice, but let’s face it – white gold is basically just expensive silver. Not really. But the appearance is essentially the same.

As far as merit, one might argue that the gold medal is the hardest to attain and represents the highest honor in each respective sport. I disagree. It is much harder to purposefully win the silver than it is the gold. Depending on the nature of the particular sport, this can be very tricky. Continue reading “Why Olympic Silver Is Better Than Gold”

10 Things To Do On Road Trips

things to do on road trips
Are you a road-trip family? Our family takes road trips fairly frequently, if not at least yearly. With a 12 ½ year old girl and 7 ½ year old boy it takes some serious creativity to make our long… LONG road trips tolerable (by long I mean our most recent road trip was actually TWO trips. One to Idaho which is typically a 12 hour drive – turned into a 17 hour drive due to a massive crash, and another the next day which is typically a 9 hour drive – turned into a 12 hour drive due to several more massive crashes). I’ve experimented with different ideas. Some have won, some haven’t. So for your travel pleasure I have consulted with the experts (read: one daughter and one son) to bring you our kids’ favorite things to do on road trips.

I spent a couple of weeks prior to vacation researching ideas for the kids on Pinterest hoping to find things fun things to keep them off their ipods and iphones and get their little brains working and excited. You know, maybe get them to look out the window, interact with each other (and us) and maybe learn a little bit too. Continue reading “10 Things To Do On Road Trips”

Things To Know Before Moving To California

things to know before moving to california
After spending 16 long years in Seattle where I was raised I decided it was high-time I moved to someplace warmer. I was born in San Francisco, and my family traveled to visit family there often. I had heard stories of San Diego weather being 80 degrees year-round. This sounded like my kind of place, so in October 2002 I packed my small amount of things and hit the road to stay with my Aunt in Riverside County. My first 3 months in Southern California left me thinking there must be other naive Northern-states people planning their big move to Southern California who have no idea what to really expect!! So I thought it was important to be one to step up and give it to you straight because there’s definitely a few things to know before moving to California. Continue reading “Things To Know Before Moving To California”