Preserving Precision: The Perils of Neglecting Your Paper Shredder

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In the hustle of daily operations, we often overlook the unsung hero of document security – the paper shredder. We trust it to safeguard our sensitive information, but what happens when we neglect its care? Enter the silent threat: the consequences of not oiling your paper shredder regularly.

The Problem

Paper shredders, like any mechanical device, require maintenance to perform at their best. One crucial aspect is regular oiling. Without it, the shredding mechanism can face various issues, leading to decreased efficiency, increased noise, and heightened risk of overheating.

The Anatomy of Neglect

Consider your paper shredder’s internals as a finely tuned orchestra. Each component plays a role in the harmonious process of shredding documents. When you skip oiling, it’s akin to having a musician play without tuning their instrument – the result is discordant.

Warning Signs

The symptoms of a neglected shredder are subtle at first but can escalate quickly. You might notice a decline in shredding speed and efficiency. Unusual noises emanating from the shredder are red flags, signaling the wear and tear of components. Additionally, an overheated shredder poses a fire risk, putting both your information and the machine at jeopardy.

The Solution

Fear not, for there’s a simple yet effective solution – Fellowes Powershred Performance Shredder Oil. Specially formulated for optimal shredder maintenance, this oil is the key to unlocking peak performance.

Fellowes Powershred Performance Shredder Oil

Fellowes Powershred Performance Shredder Oil is the #1 solution! This product is designed to lubricate the shredding mechanism, ensuring smooth operation and reducing friction between components. Its easy application process makes maintenance a breeze, even for those not well-versed in shredder care.

How to Apply

Oiling your paper shredder with Fellowes Powershred Performance Shredder Oil is a straightforward process. Follow their step-by-step guide, ensuring you cover all essential components. By incorporating this routine into your maintenance schedule, you’ll enhance your shredder’s lifespan and maintain optimal performance.

The Benefits

Regular oiling isn’t just a chore; it’s an investment in the longevity of your paper shredder. Benefits include prolonged lifespan, enhanced shredding efficiency, and a significant reduction in maintenance costs over time.


Your paper shredder is a guardian of your sensitive information. Neglecting its maintenance can lead to dire consequences. However, with Fellowes Powershred Performance Shredder Oil, you’re not just oiling gears; you’re ensuring the smooth symphony of secure document destruction. Don’t let neglect be the downfall of your paper shredder – invest in its care and preserve its precision.

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