Wear a Life Jacket (Video) – It Is Now Mandatory

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Mandates are real and nothing can stop them. Long gone are the days of freedom and liberty. The government now has complete control and there’s nothing you can do about it.

You may find this hard to believe – but it is now mandatory that everybody wears a life jacket at all times. It is extremely important that you wear a life jacket in order to protect others. It makes total sense as clearly explained in this YouTube video…

Video credit: AwakenWithJP on YouTube

Screw the Government

As a people, we can stand up to this tyranny. We will not comply! We will not purchase government life jackets. To abide by the mandate and protect our fellow citizens, we can buy our own life jackets from Amazon! Here is one of the classic life jackets, as seen in the video, for sale on Amazon right now…

I Will Not Comply

Maybe you’re one of these anti-science climate change deniers (like me) and you will refuse to comply with the mandate and wear the life jacket. Oh, the horror…!!!

Well, Amazon has something for you as well. This is also seen in the video, towards the end. Well, this one isn’t exactly the same – but it’s close.

Wear a Life Jacket – Or a Hat

While there is still a small hint of freedom left, you can still buy and wear whatever you want. Whatever floats your boat! Lol. One of these items might actually help you float.

And the cool part is – people will know where you stand by what you wear. If you wear the life jacket – you’re a good science-believing citizen who just wants to do their part to help protect everybody else. If you wear the hat (or a similar t-shirt or something) – then you’re a science denier who doesn’t care about the health and well-being of others. Choose wisely – based on your level of brainwashing by fake news outlets and big tech oligarchs.