Spanish Immersion Programs For Adults

One day, long, long…. LONG long ago, I attended my first day of school in a Spanish Immersion program. I was enrolled in this program from 1st grade until 7th grade, when I finally switched to regular English classes. Now, some years later (now that I’m old and wrinkly, I’ve come to appreciate the whole […]

10 Things To Do On Road Trips

Are you a road-trip family? Our family takes road trips fairly frequently, if not at least yearly. With a 12 ½ year old girl and 7 ½ year old boy it takes some serious creativity to make our long… LONG road trips tolerable (by long I mean our most recent road trip was actually TWO […]

Things To Know Before Moving To California

After spending 16 long years in Seattle where I was raised I decided it was high-time I moved to someplace warmer. I was born in San Francisco, and my family traveled to visit family there often. I had heard stories of San Diego weather being 80 degrees year-round. This sounded like my kind of place, […]

You Know You’re From California When…

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live in California? In my “day job” I regularly talk to people all over the country on an almost daily basis, and more often than not they’re not from the state of California. It seems I almost always get the same comments from everyone “Must be nice!”. […]